The service is paid for RiseupVPN, Riseup Red. RiseupVPN does not require a user account, keep logs, or track you in any way.

Rise Up - Keep Alive para Android

Limitations to using RiseupVPN¶ Secure VPN powered by Bitmask RiseupVPN is an application to provide easy and secure encrypted communication. The app is a custom branded build of se.leap.bitmaskclient. RiseupVPN is a non-commercial, donation-based VPN service.

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It offers simple-to-use clients to secure your internet traffic against surveillance and to circumvent internet censorship. RiseupVPN doesn’t log any user data and doesn’t require registration.

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RiseupVPN se ejecuta en los siguientes sistemas operativos: Windows. 17/05/2020 Hoy arranca un nuevo proyecto en el estado de Colima con el objetivo de habilitar un espacio en donde personas con intereses en el conocimiento, ciencia, tecnología, arte digital y electrónica podrán encontrar las herramientas necesarias para realizar tareas de investigación, aprendizaje, experimentación e … فیلترشکن RiseupVPN، فیلترشکنی رایگان، متن‌باز و مخصوص اندروید، لینوکس، مک و ویندوز ساخته شده است. RiseupVPN تمام ترافیک آنلاین شما را رمزگذاری می‌کند. Riseup provides online communication tools for people and groups working on liberatory social change.

Rise Up - Keep Alive para Android

This VPN client is super easy to use!

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Email; Mailing Lists; VPN · XMPP Chat; Etherpad SaaS · Cloud Storage. Website, Official website · Edit this at Wikidata. Riseup is a volunteer-run collective providing secure Hi, I've installed RiseupVPN version 0.19.2-4, and it never actually connects. I've previously been using Riseup Red, so there's a separate directory on my PC  18 Jun 2019 Rise up VPN is a free VPN service available for who ever is looking for a free VPN to use when torrenting or doing anything else on the internet.


The RiseupVPN service is entirely funded through donations from users. If you value an easy, non-profit VPN service that does not track users, then please contribute to keeping RiseupVPN alive. The cost for us to offer RiseupVPN is approximately $60 USD per person per year.